There Comes the Hate Crime! The Racists Shall Not Pass! An Emergency Action in Shinjuku on 1.24


There Comes the Hate Crime!
The Racists Shall Not Pass!
An Emergency Action in Shinjuku on 1.24


Where & When: The South Exit, the Shinjuku Station, 11:00 a.m. onwards.
(The venue could be subject to change, so check href="http://livingtogether.blog91.fc2.com/>our blog frequently.)

What is planed: We will protest "Zaitokukai's" hate march through free
speeches and other expressions against racism on the street.

Your participation is called for by: The Association against Hate
Speech ( http://livingtogether.blog91.fc2.com/ )

Organized by: The Racists Shall Not Pass! An Emergency Action on 1.24
Planning Committee

Contact: livingtogether09@gmail.com

*Those groups are not welcome who have sought to resolve differences
in opinion through the use of physical force and have continued to
justify such acts.


One of the political topics today is a bill to recognize
voting rights for foreigners with permanent resident
status. To make it clear, the voting right is a right,
not a privilege. It is not something that is given
from the above, but is a right for everyone to represent
themselves equally through voting; it should be respected
as a right in a society by each other.

"Zaitokukai," an ultra-conservative group, still insists on
holding a large-scale special meeting and marching
towards the Shinjuku Station on January 24 in calling
against the foreigners' right to vote. For them, it is as
if the demand for the enfranchisement is a request for a
"privilege," and is a crime enough to be expelled from
this society. They are quite open about their hatred
against foreign residents in the Japanese society and have
been active in inciting xenophobia against ethnic and
racial minorities. We should remember their racist
violence targeting the family from overseas and their
child’s school in Saitama, the threat against the Utoro
District, Kyoto and a Korean elementary school. Their
coming march is also a part of those.

How come they got it all wrong? Quite a few are
tackling this puzzle.

Putting the question aside for a moment, we should
pay attention to this: the conservatism in this society
has only served to discriminate among people by birth
and to disdain and hate each other. In the society where
the minority are treated as second class citizens, where they are
deprived of the civil rights, the "rights" enjoyed by the majority
exist only as "privileges" ready to be
taken away.

We are calling for all those enraged against the ethnic and racial
hatred and sexism.
We are calling for all those seeking for a society in which no one has to
go through humiliation because of their origin.

Let us protest against their march. Let us stand on the
street and show our will to protest.